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  1. What kind of kids go to LEADD?
    LEADD is for High School students who are interested in current affairs and politics, curious about faiths other than their own, eager to meet different kinds of people than they might otherwise know, and do it all in a safe and comfortable campus setting supervised by understanding young adult counselors.
  2. Why do they go to LEADD?
    They want to learn about their country's tradition of religious liberty. They want to learn about advocacy and leadership and how Washington lawmaking and Supreme Court decisions really work. They want a chance to talk to people their own age about how different faiths are practiced, and why.
  3. Is LEADD like school?
    Not really. Sure, there is a learning component but no tests, no grades, no homework, no pressure.
  4. What do you mean by "interfaith"?
    LEADDers have come from Baptist, Sikh, Methodist, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, Atheist, Presbyterian, Hindu, Unitarian Universalist, Lutheran, AME, Jehovah's Witness, Jain, UCC, Episcopalian and Agnostic beliefs.... sharing their faith traditions in informal conversation has always been a  highlight of the LEADD weekend.
  5. Who are the teachers?
    Some are retired college professors. Some are retired high school teachers. Some are still teaching. Their fields include political science, anthropology, religious history, law. Some work for the Interfaith Alliance in policy, communications, lobbying, field organizing. Nice people.
  6. Is there any time for sports or fun stuff?
    LEADD days are thoughtfully balanced. Some of it is serious stuff but there's plenty of time to play. We sing silly songs at Morning Circle, play Ultimate Frisbee, walk country paths, and, weather permitting, have a Saturday night campfire.
  7. Is there a lot of reading required?
    We will send one reading when you are accepted. The rest of the readings will be handed out during the lecture periods but they are short and geared toward discussion. No homework kind of stuff.
  8. Do I need to bring a computer?
    NO We'll have enough laptops to do information gathering. Leave yours at home.
  9. Can I bring a friend?
    We encourage people to get one or more friends to apply with them. LEADD is a good experience to share with people you'll see during the school year.

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